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Dads Are Saying:

Team Dad’s founder, Karl Bastian, has invited some dads to join him in his quest to challenge Dads to Make Today Count. They contribute to the Twitter account and Facebook Page to help encourage, challenge and cheer on Today’s Dads as they seek to make every day count.

Meet them:

Dad Steve Bourque – Posts/Tweets ending in ~SB

Steve is a children’s pastor who stars in the hit film The Chronicles of Sarnia – which plays daily just North of the US border in Canada! It took him two years to get the nerve to talk to the striking blonde who first caught his eye in college, but three kids later it seems that anonymous note he sent her paid off! The butterflies in his stomach must still be there, as he still calls her Butterfly… yeah, I know. Sonora, his oldest sweetheart loves to spin, twirl and is the purple princess of the house – whenever she isn’t chasing unicorns! Josiah, the middle child, aka “fearless monkey”, greets Dad with flying fists and chants of “pacha, pacha!” The newest in the family is Selah – full of giggles taking in all the noise and chaos with her big bright eyes!

Dad Doug Olson – Posts/Tweets ending in ~DO

At church they call Doug Olson the “big O” or “Magnificent O.” He is a Special Education teacher. His wife, Robin, has been his best friend for 18 1/2 years. They met in at his parents house! If you are trying to figure that one out, she was friends with one of his brothers. Perhaps it has that she drove a 65 Mustang though he claims it was that she “was so cute.” They ended up talking until 4am that first encounter. Before their first date he primped for 2 hours! It is said she only changed her t-shirt and brushed her hair before that date! Doug says that’s a testament to how cute she is and he is not! He’ll tell you she still drives that Mustang and is as cute as ever!  Their oldest, Ben, is a leader, basketball/trumpet playing, kid-loving’ young man.  Ike, the second oldest, is a tractor driving, future farmer, animal loving passionate drummer.  Jake, third oldest, is a people person, peace maker, and puppeteer. Princess Molly is their youngest. Clothes, dolls, girl friends, arts and crafts are her thing. Enjoy Doug’s posts, the end in ~DO.

More to Come!