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Welcome to - my goal is to encourage you to make the most of TODAY before today becomes yesterday too quickly.

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Sara, Karl and Luke Bastian was created by Karl Bastian. He has complete bio pages available both on his blog and on where he walks out in video to greet you.

Here it is enough to let you know that his passion as a dad is to encourage other dads to make every day count while your children are still young.

Why build this site?

Because he is the perfect dad or has all the answers? Of course not. But Karl did have a few advantages some dads don’t always have. First of all, he had a very intentional dad himself who he learned a lot about fathering from. (See A Tribute to My Dad) Secondly, Karl waited fifteen years to be a dad himself – not by choice, but by the sovereignty of God. So he has an extra appreciation for fatherhood from having waited so long to be a father. Thirdly, just as teaching makes you a better student – encouraging others to make every day count, Karl knows that it will help him be more focused on not letting his work distract him from his calling as a Dad. Fourthly – many dads e-mailed Karl over the past several years encouraging him to launch a site focused on encouraging dads saying that his posts on his blog and facebook about his relationship with his son, and the things he does to disciple and raise his son were having a big impact on their own fathering – dads where making changes because of these short posts even though Karl meant them only as fun updates. They would e-mail him or comment asking for explanations behind the things he was doing. Often Karl’s answer was, “I’m making today count.” was born.

There is more coming… so be sure to follow the Twitter feed, and consider the Nudges as well if you’d like occasional mobile alerts to prompt you to do simple things throughout your day that can impact your kid(s)’ lives.

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Karl is also the creator of:
free online videos for kids with moral messages. [Order via Kidology]
a novel for middle/upper elementary kids.
a site for children’s ministry workers.
a retreat for male children’s pastors.