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Be Intentional

As dads we live pretty busy lives, don’t we? Between work, and home and work (it seems to overflow, doesn’t it?) there are more demands on us than it is humanly possible to manage. How can we possibly be a good dad?

Something has to give, right?

The answer is yes! The key is accepting that reality and choosing not to let it be your kid(s). In just a few short years, they won’t be around to demand your time. All too soon, you will be able to work those extra hours in a quiet empty house where noisy toys once irritated you. In fact, before you know it, you’ll be complaining that they are too busy for you!

That is why the Bible warns,

“Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…”

Eph 5:15-16a

God knows that all too often we end up with regrets. The passage where this verse is found isn’t talking about parenting, but the principle applies – while we are running around trying to keep up with everything, our kids are steadily getting older. Ask yourself, Seriously, how important are the things you are working on? What would really happen if you didn’t get all them done? How bad would the consequences truly be if you blew something off at work to spend more time with your kids?

When it comes to being an intentional dad, it’s all about saying “no” to the right things and being willing to say “yes” to your kid(s) instead. You have to say “no” to something, probably several things every day. Say no to the boss or some co-workers for a change. (!) You might just enjoy it! Then spend some extra time on the floor playing or laughing or playing some silly board game. Make a memory! Lose the clock and find the fun!

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2 Responses to “Be Intentional”

  1. Enjoyed this post and the feeling of freedom and permission that it gives to us dads to not have to live under the image of the Super Hero who must do everything for everyone and all the while have our families suffer.

    I would recommendation a great quick read book titled: “Choosing to Cheat” by Andy Stanley.

    I just posted the other day coming from a children’s pastor perspective, using gadgets as an example, of what you did a wonderful job above saying: “When it comes to being an intentional dad, it’s all about saying ‘no’ to the right things and being willing to say ‘yes’ to your kid(s) instead.” (

    Again, great post and lets keep em’ coming.

  2. Wow! Great article and great website! As a Dad of two grown daughters I can attest to how quickly children grow up. You think there will always be time to do things with your kids until one day you wake up and realize that the time has passed. There is no silence so deafeningly than that first night when their places are vacant at the dinner table.

    I learned late but thankfully not too late to be an intentional Dad. I scheduled Daddy/ daughter times…mall shopping (they shopped, I was there for positive feedback and ATM card), lunches, dinners, movies…etc. All of those are now fond memories for my daughters and I to look back on and build upon. As the commercial goes…priceless.

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