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Introducing BE THE DAD TODAY

Welcome to – a brand new website for Dads, brought to you by a dad. Not a perfect dad, but an intentional dad who has been encouraged by many via facebook, his blog, twitter and in person to start a ministry to Dads – encouraging, coaching and providing insights on how to be – not a better dad (you are probably a great dad already!) but a more intentional dad.

There is plenty of great “parenting help” available – that’s NOT what this website is about. You may get some parenting help and guidance via BeTheDadToday, but that isn’t it’s primary goal. That may be a benefit of it – and if so, this author is grateful! But the goal of this website, the Twitter account and Facebook page will be to give Insights and Reminders on how to MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT.

Sometimes what dads need is not so much “Advice” as just REMINDERS. Nudges to do what they already know they should be doing.

Creating this site will do that very thing for me. I waited fifteen years to be a father, and the lessons I’ve learned I’ll share; and the wisdom I have, I learned from being the son of a very real and transparent father who was always very open about being a work in progress, as I am myself today.

So if you need nudges, want to make every day count, and are open to helpful suggestions on how you can too before your days as dad with kids in the house are over, then:

And be ready to grow as a Dad!

Luke’s Dad.

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3 Responses to “Introducing BE THE DAD TODAY”

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    This looks awesome! It looks exactly like what I need – my intentions are always ahead of my execution, so I need all the help and reminders I can get. Appreciate you putting this out there for dads like me who need that extra “nudge” as you call it. I can’t wait for my first nudge!

  2. Betsy Branstetter says:

    God continues to use you, Karl. Blessings from someone who cares…. Betsy

  3. Wayne Stocks says:

    Keep up the great work!

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